Essay On The Role Of Newspaper In The Modern Age

Essay on The Role of Newspaper In The Modern Age


Essay on "The role of newspaper in the modern age"
Essay on "The role of newspaper in the modern age"


Newspaper provide us news and other necessary information. The popular of newspaper is increasing day-by-day as the literacy rate is increasing sharply. Everybody wants to read newspapers. Those who cannot reaqd themselves are also curious to know about day-to-day events of the country and outside. They want other s to read out to them. Newspapers have become important equally in all the regions. Newspaper are being published in English, Hindi, Urdu and different regional languages to facilitate the people to read out and understand conveniently. The newspaper are exercising a profound influence on the mind of the people. The reading of newspapers has become a matter of their chief interest and charm.


There is no doubt that most of the people are very regular in reading the newspaper. They feel that the reading of newspaper everyday is very important. The newspapers give them current information of the country and the world. That is the reason why people are reading newspapers with curiosity.

In the democratic country like India, there are many important means of forming public opinion and newspaper is one of them. The newspapers are commenting, appreciation and criticizing on many subjects and the decisions in a fair and free manner. The autonomy of print media has facilitated them to criticism the action and even conduct of the administrator at various levels including the Government. This is a good thing in a democracy to increase consciousness and arouse awareness. Newspapers are the best means to know about the problems, which people, Government and the country are facing today. Newspapers give upto date position about all kinds of problems and their solutions. They educate the public mind and help the people formulate their own opinion on matters of public importance. 

This kind of process helps to pursue the decisions and the actions of Government about the works which are of public interest. They play and important role in that direction and to give to democracy a meaningful content.

The reading of newspapers is essential for every citizen of the country for national integration. The regular reading of newspapers automatically gives knowledge, understanding and the reality about things. Newspaper are helpful in bringing awareness amongst the people about the national priorities and knowing about the steps taken by the Government in that direction. 

Newspaper are also an important means of information and communication. Newspapers give information about Government plans, policies and the achievements, which are essential for every citizen of the country. That gives an opportunity to the people to raise their grievances where necessary. That also helps the prople to make a check on the Government about the work planned for them and the progress made there upon. that is necessary in the democratic setup for effective and smooth functioning. The credit for giving such power to common masses goes to print media. 

Newspapers are useful not only for news and general information, but these are also appropriate and cheap means of advertisement. they are helpful for all kind of business, trade and commerce. A large number of advertisements are being given in newspapers about the jobs. It helps the youth in getting employment. 

The newspapers are an important means of information of current occurrences. The journalists and editors are more efficient and experienced. They present information in detail through editorial pagte of the newspapers to make the readers more thorough on the subject. The print media gives detailed information covering major as well as minor events, which the common people want to know.

The newspapers transmit detailed information about education, art, cinema, sports, matrimonial, employment, technical courses for which the students and the youth are very much concerned. 


A number of incidents are taking place within and outside the country everyday. It is the newspaper which transmits the news in detail to the people of the country. 

Newspapers are really of great use for the people. There are manifold advantages of newspapers. Newspapers should be encouraged in every way. The habit of reading newspaper is interesting, educative and cheap. Everybody can afford the cost of a newspaper out of his monthly income.

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