700 Word Essay On Importance of Games and Sports in Schools and Colleges

Essay On "Importance of Games and Sports in Schools and Colleges"

Students playing football in school play ground
Students playing football in school playground

Games and sports are as important as food, education and other essential things for children. Games and sports are an important means of reaction. These days students are busy in studies. They have a lot of books and a number of subjects to study. They need some change, which can be given by sports. The outdoor games and sports refresh the students and make them able to regain their lost energy. The games and sports generate mental freshness and the students take interest to study more.

Games and sports are also very useful for good health. The outdoor games are more useful, where the students share the company of nature and breathe fresh air.  they get lot of physical exercises while playing games outside in the play ground. It keeps them physically and mentally fit. The games and sports make the students active which is very important in that age.

 The games and sports teach students the value of discipline, team-work, leadership, judgement, courage and determination to win. These things also help the students to develop their traits of personality, which is very important to build up a talented person.

 The games and sports teach them the requirement of sacrifice, discipline, grace, generosity and firmness, which empower them to lead in the life successfully. These kinds of traits in a man bring super-fineness to act effectivity irrespective of the situation and the task that they come across. The citizens with such potentiality can contribute much for the society and the nation to which they belong.  

 Games also provide an outlet for the surplus fat and weight and keep the students strong and active. This aspect is essential to keep the students healthy. The sports activities are the best means to utilize the time in a positive manner. they do not waste the time in loitering and going for undesirable activities.

India is the second most populated country in the world. We should have high standard in all sports. But the fact is otherwise. We need to find out some way. To generate the sports activities the best institutions are schools and colleges. It is necessary to make sports compulsory in all schools and colleges for enabling a number of students to participate in sports. It will also facilitate the country to select the best teams out of the crowd.

 There are certain other advantages as well. Good sportsmen become popular in society. They earn name and fame for themselves, for their institution and the nation.

The sports provide numerous opportunities to the students who are good and position holders. They get good jobs in good organizations. The sportsmen are given preference over others. There are many sportsmen who have chosen the sport as their career. They get good money and chance for traveling to different sites, places and countries and enjoy the life. 

 We see that most of the good sportsmen are from western and other developed countries. the reasons are obvious. They play games and sports right from childhood and from primary schools. India is progressing rapidly. We are now capable to afford expenditure on sports activities right from primary standard to enable us to improve the image of the country in the sports. That can be possible only when the children are provided opportunity right from the beginning. If required the sports can be made a compulsory subject and marks can be added in the result, which will attract the students towards hard work with interest to excell in sports. That will create formula to generate more and more sportsmen. Then government and the school administration have to ensure adequate sports facilities in all the schools and colleges. That will inspire the students to participate with greater interest.

It is very clear that games and sports have a great value in life. The games should be played keeping their nobility in mind. The nobility of the games should be maintained. There is a need to create sports atmosphere in all the schools and colleges for attracting maximum number of students to participate in the events. The teachers need to ensure that the students are given opportunity to show real talent, grace, dignity, and generosity. The students should be motivated for maximum participation in sports to gain real benefit out of games. Many Indian sportsmen have won laurels for the country on many occasions. The aim of every student should be to achieve good position on sports activities. 

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