350 Words Essay on Students Should be Allowed to Bring Mobile Phone Inside the School

Nowadays mobile phones have become more of a necessity than a fancy item. Living without a mobile phone is becoming difficult.

But recently, it has become a hot topic whether students should be allowed to bring mobile phone inside the school or not.

In its favour:

1. Easy to Communicate: More and more children and teenagers are getting their own cell phones because they are very easy, cheap and useful ways of communication. Especially in some emergencies, children can call the helpline number like their parents or police.

2. Easy to Pass Information: Sometimes there may be a scenario where students can inform their parents if they have to return for some additional class or assignment.

3. Use of Technology: Students should not only be allowed to carry cell phones but encouraged to make judicious use of this amazing new technology. They can use their phones to keep them updated whether by browsing news websites or educational portals.

4. Record Class Content: It is very possible to miss some important points during the class session. Here cell phones can be used to record and playback entire content and they will not miss any point.


1. Cause of Distraction:  Cell phones should not be allowed in schools as it will cause a distraction for both students and teachers. The student will suffer because they will not be able to live with the class. The focus of students is less in class and more on mobile.

2. Hindrance to Development and mind-set:  Students  will be negatively affected by the content of badly chosen sites which will be a hindrance to their overall development, mind-set and personality.                                    

3. Possibility of Poor  Use of Technology: Phone cameras can be used for malicious purposes such as clicking inappropriate pictures or making videos that are not in good taste.

Allowing cell phones in schools will increase unhealthy. Not only will there be disparity within a group, but there will be constant pressure on parents to get new expensive phones for their children. It is for the same reason that school students are assigned uniforms, which they are required to wear every day in school so that all students look the same without any bias. So, In my opinion, the mobile phone should not be allowed inside the school.

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