1000 Words English Essay On Duties Of Students As Citizens Of Free India

Essay On Duties Of Students As Citizens Of Free India

English Essay On Duties Of Students As Citizens Of Free India


It is a general perception of the masses that the students are the future of the country. It is necessary that the students have to prove themselves capable of shouldering responsibilities in all the fields and lead the nation on the correct path of progress.

Effective control of the parents and good schooling develop the personality of the children and make them capable to perform well. It is the basic responsibility of the parents to bring up their children as healthy and wise. It has become important these days for the parents to give competitive temperament to their children right from the beginning to enable them to ensure admission in good schools and thereby lead towards a bright career. 

Life of students

The life of students is meant mainly for studies, to acquire knowledge, develop talent, and upgrade their skills. A student, who devotes his full energy and time to his studies and other activities in the school, is always successful and can prove himself a good son of his motherland. India needs mentally alert, talented, bright, disciplined, and responsible young men and women.

A nation of hardworking and disciplined young citizens will always lead towards progress. Good parents and proper schooling have a vast role to produce the required talent among the youth. It also depends on students for proving their potentiality. It will be for the students to be the disciplined and useful citizens of the country, who can exercise a positive impact upon the countrymen. They will be assessed by the people only through their ability and can be trusted only when they are found worthy.

Students' role 

During the freedom struggle, students took an active part in all the movements. Their role was remarkable and was full of patriotism and strength. The students' community was determined at that time to eliminate the misrule of foreigners from India. They in turn succeeded in making the freedom movement more effective. Many student leaders as well as common workers played courageous role to make the movement effective and successful. There is no doubt that some of them laid down their lives for the students immensely helped in culling off the chains of slavery and making India free on 15 August 1947.

If we look at the present scenario, there is a tremendous role of technically qualified students for many important things like industrial growth, economic development, modernization in cultivation, enhancement of science and technology, research work, and so on. The efficient working hands can play a significant role in changing the shape of the country, which we expect only from good students. The country, whose people demonstrate the example of good character, while performing, always lead towards prosperity. Our education system and the general atmosphere in the country are quite educative for the values of character in life. The students too are very cautious, determined, and keen in this regard. 

Generation effects

The new generation is more vigilant for doing better. They do not hesitate to fight against with the evils if they come on the way. If we read out the present trend, we find that all the people like politicians, administrators, technocrats, scientists, doctors, industrialists, government servants, educated youth, and even those who are working in the private sectors are very keen to work for building up the nation. It is the result of good education and patriotism. they are setting up the examples by working hard in many fields. The students have that bigger role in achieving the goal which is before the country today. Their performance in the recent past by sacrificing their comfo9rts for national causes and also during a number of disasters due to natural calamities was admirable and impressive. Many of them ware honored with national awards for their extraordinary performance shown during these incidents.

Even after independence, the students have been fighting against injustice and the causes which have been an obstruction in the progress of the nation. The JP movement is one of the examples after independence. There are numerous other examples where the students fought to streamline the systems and bring out the speed in working for achieving rapid progress in all the fields.

Students' needs

The high brain amongst the student community has contributed a lot to the nation. There are many examples, where IIT, IIM, IIMS passed out students preferred to work within their country after compromising with high salary, comforts, quality of life, and working conditions which they expect abroad. that yielded better results and India could compete with the rest of the world. If we want India's dream of emerging as a power of the world in coming years come true, the contribution of the country's students will be necessary. Many of the talented youth are already very much involved in that direction. The developed countries recognize us seeing our economic growth and speed of progress, which India has acquired during the last ten years. That is the result of hard work that the youth of India put in for achieving the goal.


It is necessary for all the students to work for their society and the nation to the best of their ability and make India a beautiful country in the world. Besides, the students and the youth of the country have to protect the freedom of the country, which was achieved with vigorous struggle and sacrifice of their ancestors. That will be a real tribute to those freedom fighters including students of that time, who laid down their lives in fighting against Britishers and bringing India's independence. The countrymen are enjoying the taste of freedom as well as of constitutional rights in a democratic manner, which is the result of struggles and sacrifice of the tough who fought for a noble cause. Such heroes will be remembered forever for their holy and heroic deeds. 

India has a long way to go and our goal is to build up a modernized and strong India. We are in the race of making India an economic force of the world. Our dream is to lead in the global market. The students who have to take over the charge of the future of the country have tremendous responsibilities and role in establishing our reputation by building a new India.

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