What Kind Of Anti-India Activities Are Happening In Pakistan And Nepal Amid Tension From China.

 Anti-India Activities Are Happening In Pakistan And Nepal Amid Tension From China.

The atmosphere in South Asia has also become uneasy after the bloody clash in the Galwan valley between India and China soldiers. Where anti-India activities have started in Pakistan and Nepal. At the same time, other neighboring countries of India have kept silent by not giving any response, perhaps they do not want to get angry with China by giving any response.

Following the bloody conflict in the Galwan Valley between the soldiers of India and China (Face-off India-China), there have been increased incidents in which both India and Pakistan are concerned. needed. Anti-India activism has increased in these two countries. Other neighboring countries have also sat silently. Someone has thought it better to remain silent on this whole matter. It seems that these countries, buried in China's debt, have thought it better to remain calm.

Though there is no strong signal or reaction in Pakistan, it seems that Pakistan has been engaged in the task of keeping the forces ready at this time. Such works have started in Nepal, which can be called provocative in terms of India.

What is Pakistan doing
After the bloody military conflict between India and China, the three military chiefs of Pakistan were called to the headquarters of Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) in Karachi. It is believed that he analyzed Pakistan's preparedness to compete with India.

The way the three military chiefs have been called to the ISI headquarters after decades in Pakistan does not seem to be normal. This cannot be called a good sign. Imran Khan himself has visited ISI headquarters twice in the last two-three months.

Even in 1962, when China invaded India, there was a possibility of an attack from the western end of Pakistan. To stop this, America took diplomatic initiative behind the scenes on its behalf.


Works that provoke India in Nepal
The day tensions on the border between India and China increased. The very next day the military chief of Nepal arrived to inspect the border at Kalapani. It should be considered as the provocative step of Nepal at such a delicate time.

Not only this, after including three Indian areas in its map, but Nepal has also deployed armed forces on the border near those areas. He has upgraded his border post. It has been made a permanent post. Where only armed soldiers will be deployed now. Till a year ago, policemen with sticks were stationed here.

Road construction to China
Not only this, but Nepal has also started construction of 87 km long road under the Dharchula-Tinker Road project. This work has been assigned to the army. It plans to start a business with China.
Seal on the disputed map too

Earlier, Nepal passed its newly disputed new map from the Upper House. Then quickly President Bindiya Devi Bhandari signed and stamped it. The ruling Nepal Communist Party is continuously airing a new type of nationalism in China, which is based on opposition to India.

Other neighbors kept silent

There is no reaction from this tension and violent clash from other neighbors of India. Bangladesh and Maldives are considered close and better relations among India's neighbors. But they kept silent On the other hand, Sri Lanka and Myanmar have also maintained silence on this entire matter. Bhutan has also not responded.

No one wants to get angry with China

It is a sure thing that China has been trying to woo all the countries of South Asia for a long time. It has made large-scale economic investments in almost all countries. Therefore, no country wants to offend China. On such occasions, they feel that it is better to remain silent.

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